Call Me Maybe: HBase addendum

In a previous blog, I demonstrated some good results for HBase using an automated test framework called Jepsen. In fact, they may have seemed too good. HBase is designed for strong consistency, yet also seemed to exhibit extraordinary availability during a network partition. How was this possible? Apparently, HBase clients will retry operations when they… Read More

Call Me Maybe: HBase

The Yammer architecture has evolved from a monolithic Rails application to a micro-service based architecture. Our services share many commonalities, including the use of Dropwizard and Metrics. However, as with many micro-service based architectures, each micro-service may have very different needs in terms of persistence. This has led to the adoption of polyglot persistence here… Read More

How to Tell if Something is Being QA’d Well.

Like a lot of things about a career in software engineering–and specifically Quality Assurance (QA)–determining ‘quality’ is ultimately subjective. One person’s throwaway code is another’s MVP. Deciding what is well-made and what is acceptable is a large part of what we do as the ambassadors of goodness. And when QAing (Yes. That’s a word now,… Read More

The Final Countdown: Daily Deploys

With so many light years to go… Deployment of code is typically considered a milestone. It’s the delivery of the hard work of many engineers to the world, and it is very much a big deal. It is in no way an easy task. Big milestones never are. What the engineering team at Yammer has… Read More

Application Monitoring Infrastructure at Yammer

Application metrics are a key piece of our development process at Yammer. They give us key insights into exactly how our software is behaving with real traffic. Metrics are used in every service we create and used by every engineer to solve issues when they arise. To fully take advantage of these metrics we must… Read More

Shipping mobile apps every week

Monthly releases are the standard for mobile apps, and Yammer was one of the companies that followed this release cycle. Back in November we decided to move to weekly releases. Here’s why and how we did it. The monthly release cycle was hurting us Projects at Yammer follow a rule of thumb: 2 to 10… Read More

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