Godzilla vs. Hack Day

Hurrah! Yammer’s 5th hack day is behind us, but the memories and scars will live on forever. Every three months or so, Yammer engineering gets together to celebrate our continued accomplishment with a rousing 24-hour hacking session, followed by a full day of presentations. All of this activity culminates in an afterparty like none other at whatever establishment in the city we can convince to let us in. It’s a grand showcase of our engineering culture, talent, and creativity and this hack day was no exception.

This was our largest hack day ever, with an astonishing 115 participants across 65 teams submitting hacks. This represents almost the entire engineering team, which is a really impressive turnout. Another exciting first for us was having Microsoft engineers come down and participate right alongside Yammer engineers. The theme this time around was Godzilla vs. Hackday and everyone was encouraged to wear costumes. Our very own Drew “Godzilla” Dillon wasted little time in destroying our scale model of San Francisco.


Now onto the awards! Our panel of celebrity judges included Adam Pisoni, Kris Gale, and Zack Parker, who have collectively committed more awful hacks to Yammer’s codebase than anyone else. As always, judging is arbitrary and corrupt. Trophies of ugly rhinos were awarded to 8 teams for their amazing projects. This includes the most prestigious Hacker’s Choice award which, in an upset, went to a Microsoft employee. Additionally, five honorable mentions. The awards were supposedly handed out during this time but, for some reason, I don’t remember that happening.



All in all, this was the best hack day so far. We worked hard and played hard and I can’t imagine any other company that does it the way we do. We’re already deep into our next set of projects, but the next hack is looming on the horizon in just a few months and I’m already feeling excited about it. If you don’t believe me about how great hack day was, then watch this video!

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