How We Work in Engineering

Last year, I gave a talk at First Round Capital’s CTO Summit about the unique way in which Yammer organizes our teams and our projects and about our values in doing that. If you’re curious about what life is like in Yammer Engineering, this is a good overview. Remember to get the haircut you badly need before you present a talk that’ll be recorded.

If you run an engineering organization, you might be interested in our thoughts on trust, autonomy and decentralization. I want to challenge engineering leaders to get better work from their people by focusing on creating a system in which better work is easier.

Along the way, I share some of our thoughts on trust, autonomy, decentralization, the role of management, and using little magnets instead of project management software.

Read a comprehensive writeup and see the entire talk here: Why Yammer Believes the Traditional Engineering Organizational Structure is Dead