Yammer Engineering is Expanding to London!

In the three years since we launched Yammer, we’ve grown our engineering team to nearly 100 members. We’ve moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco. And now we’re ready to take Yammer engineering international.

We’ve already got a thriving London office, with dozens of employees working in sales, customer success, and network operations. Our London team is growing so quickly that we’re building out a new, larger space for them. We can’t wait to add some of the EU’s most talented developers to the mix!

If you’re one of those developers, this is a chance to help shape the culture and future of Yammer’s EU engineering team. If you’ve worked at a large, established company, itching to do something more creative and work more autonomously, to not only develop software but develop the team that develops software, this is your chance. If you’re a Ruby or JavaScript developer, we’d love to talk with you! Get in touch with Melanie Matsuo at

We’ll be at the London Ruby User Group‘s April 3rd meetup and we’d love to meet you. If you can’t make it that night, we’ll be doing more events and we’ll be sure to mention them here on the blog.

(Zack Parker, Senior Director of Web Engineering)

Our new office under construction in Shoreditch.  

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